Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Puke and Bugs

So Jason set this up as a way for me to communicate (vent). I think he wants to save money on phone bills or something. So today would be a good day to vent about to my family. Monday morning I awoke to a foul smell coming from the boys room. Levi and thrown up and was sleeping in it. That began the day of throwing up another two times for him. I thought we had lived through it all and then at 7:30 at night after returning from a nice family walk with three kids bathed and in pjs Noah throws up all over the place. He too proceeded to vomit two more times. We put the boys to bed and hoped for the best for Tuesday. Well, today began better than Monday did, but only about 20 mins after being up Ella began to throw up.

After cleaning her up I scooped up the bathroom rug that he had puked on and she said "Mom a bug!" Since the baby duck in the back yard incident I have begun to listen more carefully to what my three year old is telling me. Sure enough, there was a bug running for cover across my bathroom floor. A SCORPION!!!!!!!!! Nice. He was under the bathmat that Ella was standing on and that I was kneeling on next to her as she vomited. He ran out when I lifted the rug and hid in the corner of my bathroom. I couldn't get to him with a shoe b/c he was all coiled up in the corner. So out of frustration and fear I had Ella run and get the phone and I called Jason at Bible Study and demanded that he come home to kill it. (he was only 5 min away, it wasn't that irrational of a request) He laughed at me as I described my dilemma of not being able to get it out of the corner and my fear that it would jump at me. **They run very fast in a freaky scuttling manner that is not natural and very frighting to your nerves.** He told me to get his big old knife out of the bed stand (Don't ask, I'm sure McGuyver had one in his night stand too) and stab it. So in the end, I did. In fact I cut it into a million pieces. I had to make sure it was dead. I am protecting my children and all. It is still in my bathroom, I refuse to touch it or get near it as it may be filled with venom. :) Jason can clean up the sad pile of remains when he gets home as punishment for making me live in the desert where these types of creatures roam freely.

Other than that, and Ella vomiting yet another time, it has been a typical day at the Addinks!

Comments from the fearless husband...
- I originally suggested the shotgun for dispatching the beast. Paige didn't approve.
- Paige now wants to change the carpet, tile, and paint in the entire house to colors that contrast with scorpions... :)