Friday, August 24, 2007

Happieness is a warm pop gun...

After I caught the boys running around the house dressed in pink high heels and necklaces, I though we needed to out and get some more gender appropriate toys. So I took Friday off, and we made a trek to Cabela's

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Newest Addink family addition

Since Tucker died last April, we've been debating whether to get a new dog or not. The boys are finally old enough that we feel like we can train them to refrain from pulling on a dog's ears, or inserting things into orifices (Ella did enough of that to poor Tucker.) We've been looking on Craigslist, but dogs seem to get sold from there very quickly. We drove to the pounds in Phoenix last weekend, and didn't really find anything we liked. Paige wants a tiny little girly dog, I want something more manly (Paige says all the dogs I like look like they eat babies for breakfast.) But totally spur of the moment, we drove all the way to Tucson tonight to look at a $60 Craigslist dog. So we ended up bringing her home...

The owners said she is a Boston Terrier and Sharpei mix. I believe the Boston, not sure about the Sharpei. Her former owners got divorced, and the mom didn't have time to keep her. Hopefully this doesn't have any long term effect on her mental health. The people who bought her paid $1500 at a pet store. We got her for $60 (and a tank of gas.) How Dutch is that!

PS: Dear Grandpa Ben... since you seem to have the hotline to God regarding dogs, please refrain from praying this dog to death like you did to Tucker. At least give us a chance to try her out for a while. If she bites one of the kids, we'll let you know so you can ask God to smite this dog too... ;)