Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Addink tuition tax credit

Hello friends and family,

If you pay income taxes in Arizona, please please please consider this...

Last year thanks to tax credit donations, ACSTO paid for a significant part of tuition for all three of our kids in school. So thank you very much! This is an incredible blessing to our family. We are asking for your tax credit donations again this year to help reduce the cost of sending our kids to a private school. We will now be up to four kids in school, so the tuition adds up quickly. We love Gilbert Christian School and our kids are doing really well there, and this tax credit program makes a huge difference in making the school affordable.

A couple of quick reminders, and some new information:

  • If you pay Arizona taxes, you can direct those tax dollars specifically to the Addink kids. You donate anonymously through a tuition organization, then receive the money back as a tax credit for the full amount. No net impact to your pocket, other than a short period of time between the donation and the tax refund.
  • IMPORTANT: There is a NEW credit this year that we can take advantage of. Luke will be starting Kindergarten next year, and therefore is eligible for the Overflow/PLUS tax credit. If you donate the maximum of the base credit and still owe more taxes, you can donate up to $1000 more to Luke. But this can only be applied to Luke, and only this year when he starts Kindergarten. So even if you donate regularly to another family, please consider donating to Luke as well if you still owe additional taxes this year.
  • The limits for the regular credit are $1006 for married and $503 for single.
  • The deadline is still April 15 for 2012 donations. This means you can do your taxes to determine exactly how much tax you owe so you don’t overshoot and also reduces the amount of time the money is out of your account.
  • The program is anonymous so we are not told who donated or how much an individual donated. We only find out the total amount per child. So please don’t be offended if you donate and we don’t personally thank you… we just don’t know who you are.
  • I’ve attached a donation card with our info already filled out. You just need to fill out your information and mail it in with a check, or go online and donate.

If you’ve never participated before and don’t understand how it works, please let me know if I can answer any questions. We’ve been donating to other families for years, it really is very easy, you do get your money back, and it makes a huge difference for the families who receive the tax dollars. You can also find out more information at www.acsto.org.

You can donate online here:  http://www.acsto.org/for-donors/donate-now/

If you choose to donate for our kids, please list them all on the form:  Ella, Levi, Noah, and Luke Addink.  The school is Gilbert Christian Schools, Inc.

With much thanks, Jason and Paige Addink