Monday, May 21, 2012


Slack in the chains on the backswing means you've gone about as far as you can go.


Levi relaxing in a tree.
Then he had me hoist him into this one.
For her, that much frosting is living on the edge.  Or at least pushing the waste retention limits of the next diaper's absorbant pellets and elastic sealing bands.

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

A few weeks back we had a combo birthday party for Luke and Sophie.  Pirate themed.

A pirates primary mode of locomotion is a locomotive, right?
The birthday kids (and mom.)
Luke and his favorite little buddy Karter.
Levi and Noah were devestated to learn that they are now a few inches too tall to ride the ferris wheel.  They somehow suckered the minimum wage teenagers running it to let them on for one last ride.
The decorations.

Birthday cupcakes.
Walking the plank.
Heading off on the treasure hunt.

Happy birthday Luke and Sophie!

She is pretty much self sufficient now



I took Sophie out the other night on an impromptu late night daddy date.

Liberty market makes fantastic macchiatos.


Kid loves her coffee.  I got a little bit of it too.

He looks like he is having fun

Random picture from Easter in Tucson.  Noah's first cousins once removed having a little fun with him.


Yes, they are twins.

Last week I watched Levi and Noah give their speeches at school.  They had to talk about the difference between 1912 and 2012.  Although they share the exact same genes, that apparently means very little in terms of first grade speeches.

Noah:  Approaches the front of the class, walks immediately to the designated spots, and pauses, looking like one of the somber old guys from a 1912 portrait sitting.  Holds notecards in hand, glances down to refresh his memory, and begins...

"I would not like to live in 1912 instead of 2012."

"If I lived in 1912, I would have to walk to school, even if it was hot or snowing."

"I wouldn't like school in 1912 because I would have to use a feather pen and inkwell."

"And when the fire was on in winter you would have to be in the middle of the room to feel just right."

"I would not like to live in 1912, but I would like to live in 2012."

Then he walks back to his seat trying not to smile.

Levi is up next:  Approaches the front of class.  Wiggling.  Stops about 5 feet short of the designated spot.  After about three rounds of being reminded by his teacher, and hopping towards the spot, he finally makes in there.

The rest of the class is already giggling.

Sets notecards cards down on the desk next to him.

"I would like to live in 1912 because I like sewing and uhhhh...."

Picks up cards from the desk.

"...and maybe I would get to sew mac 'n cheese."

"I would also get to weave."

"And when I had to go to the bathroom, I would get to go to the bathroom in an outhouse."

"I would like to live in 1912."

Even his teacher was laughing.  Along with all his classmates.  And the other parents.  And his parent.