Sunday, May 26, 2013

I hope this water is clean.

The new house has flood irrigation in the back.  For those not from Phoenix, it's a cheap way of watering your lawn and all the farms in Phoenix (yes... we actually grow things here in the desert.)  The water collects behind dams in the mountains north of Phoenix, and then runs throughout a system of canals through the whole city.  The farms use it to flood entire fields for water, and some of the houses do as well.  At your designated time, you go back and open the valve to flood your yard.  Sometimes this might be 3 in the morning.  But today it was 2:30 in the afternoon, which the kids were very happy for.
Levi opens the valve.
Nothin' better than a full speed race through canal water.
At the old house, the kids would play in the park at the end of the street after it rained.  The water would wash 6 months of dirt, oil, dog pee, and whatever else collected on the street into the drainage area in the park.  And then our kids would go play in it.  This has got to be at least a little bit cleaner.
Banjo loves it because the birds all come to pick off the cockroaches that go scurrying for high ground.  And then Banjo tries to pick off the birds.  She hasn't succeeded... yet.
Maybe next time Banjo.
Then they rinse off the canal water in the pool.  They should sleep good tonight!