Thursday, August 30, 2012

I pray a hedge of protection

So we sent Luke to a different preschool than all our other kids, at the Methodist church down the street.  And this came home from preschool on Luke's backpack today...

Hmmmmmm.  What exactly does that... do?  Paige told me about it at dinner, and our kids got wind of it and started asking all kinds of questions...

"What does a blessing mean?  Why did they pray to a backpack?  Why does Luke go to a school where they don't believe in God?"

I was just dying laughing because it made me think of these classic Tim Hawkins clips...

So seriously all my Methodist blog readers... what's with blessing a backpack? Growing up in the CRC bubble, I don't get it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Horton Creek

After our friends stood us up this weekend for a Saturday afternoon visit (Ahem!  You know who you are!) Paige had the great last minute idea to take the kids up north for a hike.  So we all loaded up in the van and headed for the high country.

The first stop was the fish hatchery outside of Payson.  The kids were impressed by the hundreds of trout swimming around in tanks.

And by the fish pumper.  It sucks them up into a big hopper, separates them from the water, and shoots the fish out a tube (usually into a waiting truck.)

Then it was down the road a bit to the Horton Creek trail.  There was much discussion over whether we would see a bear, since there were warning signs about every mile along the road.  Then discussion of what to do if we saw a bear, and if a bear would eat kids, and if Dad had his gun, and if he would shoot the bear, and if he might have to use two bullets for a really big bear, and, and, and...

We didn't see any bears on the trail.

We only made it about 1/2 a mile before the kids all started wondering where on earth we were taking them, and if we were there yet, and what there would be to do when we got wherever we were going.

Luckily that was right about where we could hear water flowing, which is music to a desert dweller's ears.
Even if it is just a muddly little stream.  They had tons of fun playing in it, and it wasn't long before they were all down to the Addink standard dress.

Sophie didn't get to play in the stream much, having the unfortunate combination of no swimming ability and no fear of water.  So she and Paige sat on the bank.

And made funny faces in the phone.

After a good long time getting numb in the cold stream it was time to head home. The kids all agreed it was a great day, and we might have to come back here again some day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Superheros squared

They were both wearing Superman shirts underneath, just for extra superhero powers...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I wan out of woom!

That was Luke's excuse tonight for his preschool family portrait. "I just wan out of woom fowr you Dad!" the final twist of the knife is that the dog made the cut...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The first day

Hard to believe we have a 3rd grader and 2nd graders.  It seems like just yesterday that they were just wee scroggins.

Noah, trying to pretend he didn't see his goofy Dad there with the camera.

Levi was anxious to get in there.  Probably more for the recess time than anything to do with class, but at least he still likes going to school.

The eldest, looking somewhat nervous.

We kept them in the same class again this year.  Seemed to work OK last year.  Their teacher this year is a twin, so she even put them in seats right next to each other.

Ella is in a different class than the boys (their school lumps grades 2-3 together.)  The kids were kind of dissappointed they weren't all going to be in the same class.

The big news of the year is that Luke started preschool.  Three hours away from home each day.  I think his mother was even more anxious about it than he was.

He seems to be handling it well so far.  Maybe even having fun.

Although when she picked him up today, he was singing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, please don't take my mommy away."  But he also did say he was beginning to enjoy his new school.

Michigan, the land of milk and honey

Paige and the kids took off for Michigan in June for 7 weeks.

They love Michigan.  Paige gets to see her family, and the kids get to live the country life.  Lots of outdoors, adventures in the woods with Grandpa, mud, frogs, skunks.  Don't get much of that in Gilbert Arizona.

Rub a dub dub, five kids in a dump bucket.

Other than a sand pile, this might be Luke's favorite place... all you can eat berries.

Sophie, trying to sneak into Paige's bed.

"What Mom?"

Luke and Cousin Isaac, making some sort of dirt concoction.

Levi and Noah turned 7 while they were there.  Hard to believe they are 7 already.

Noah turning on the charm, for a very worthy purchase I might add.

Fishing is always a kid favorite.

As is frog hunting in the creek behind the house.

There is always a treat somewhere in Michigan to eat.

Lake Michigan, another summer favorite.

Digging up some long buried bones with Grandpa.  I think we finally decided it was a cow.

Grandpa built them a pretty cool treehouse.

And a wicked rope swing.

Always "farm" chores to do.

Another successful summer in Michigan!