Monday, November 21, 2011

Welllllllll, that was a bust.

Paige got us Groupon tickets to the Arizona Balloon Classic.  From the description, it sounded pretty cool... "more than 50 balloons", fireworks, balloons lit to music, food vendors.  Just the kind of thing for an enjoyable evening with the family.  It sounded like so much fun, Paige invited some friends and their kids, and I invited a guy from work and his wife.  I mean, take a look at the beautiful balloon pictures, and it says right there... "more than 50 balloons."  Fifty.  Five zero.

Ummmmm, yeah.  They barely had enough balloons there to make their logo truth in advertising.  Really, I think we counted a total of about 5 balloons.  Only a factor of 10, but who's counting?

I think we still had a good time though.

The kids got to see a balloon get filled up.

They all got surprised looks on their faces when the giant burners shot flames in the air.  I mean, really?  You would think they would be used to that around our house by now.  I have some parenting ground to make up, apparently.

Sophie was terrified by the noise of the burners.  Every time one went off, she would burrow down and grab whatever piece of you she could.

Luke was clearly entralled by the excitement of seeing soooooo many balloons.  I think he got in a good 90 minute nap.

We did get to see a very pretty sunset.  Of which my phone took a better picture than my actual camera.  Technology blows my mind sometimes.

Then the amazing light show.  This was seriously it, unless you include the one other balloon off to the side that was giving rides to the dizzying height of 50 feet.

If only I had looked at the website and the exhaustive list of balloons that would be participating in this innaugural event, I might have been able to mentally prepare myself for the mind blowing spectacle that was the evening light show...

At least they had deep fried stuff though.  Even if they did run out of meatballs and wings, seeing as that there were only about 10 food vendors for a few thousand people and I waited in line for at least an hour.  Good thing our kids love corndogs!

Our kids did think the skydivers were pretty cool (way too hard to get a picture of) and they did have a fireworks show.

We also discovered a new skill.  You know how sometimes people call Mountain Dew... "Weasel Pee."

Yeah... or Luke.  Kid has pretty good aim.

We handed it to one of our friend's kid (who didn't witness the act) and he was totally excited to finish off the Dew.  Until he felt just how warm the bottle was, and then the look on his face as the realization hit him was absolutely priceless.

A good end to a marginal night.  Sorry we dragged you out there through hours of traffic for a pitiful show.  We did have fun hanging out though...

Maybe our parenting is sinking in...

... a little?  Just a ray of hope that we might possible be instilling some small amount of civilization into these tiny barbarians?

The background:  Levi and Noah typically don't participate in household cleaning well.  Not willingly, and not without significant.... temper tantrums protest.  So when I asked them on Saturday to help clean up their giant mess in the playroom, I expected an "Occupy the Upstairs" type protest, complete wailing about how they shouldn't have to take responsibility for their own actions.

Instead they happily cleaned the playroom.

And then surprised me with this...

And they actually meant it.  I gave them more cleaning to do... and they [gasp] did it.

Maybe... just maybe... we are slowly getting through...

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's an amazingly accurate portrayal

They came out of our bedroom the other night, barely able to speak between the giggles.  Ella had played dressup with them, and dressed them like Mom and Dad.

That's pretty accurate, really...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

If you can't get over someone...

The other day we were going to pick the big kids up from school.  I was listening to the radio and this song came on...

Listen to it at least to the chorus.

From the back seat, I hear Luke say:

"Mom, if you can't get over someone, maybe you should go under them."

Hilarious, that little kid is.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shocking (Shocking!)

At the park on Saturday, the big'uns discovered static electricity.  Well, not discovered in the sense of Marie Curie, or really even the first time they'd experienced.  More like they discovered the joy of blasting your sibling with an inch long blue arc.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like electrocuting your brother.  See?  That is joy on their faces right there...

Of course, boys being boys, it didn't take long before zapping each other's fingers progresssed to more, ummmmm, sensitive regions.

If a finger zap is joy, then a successful spark to your brother's nether-regions is just pure bliss.

Especially when successfully repeated.

"Oh my goodness Dad, he zapped me right in my bits!!!  Awwwwk-ward!"

I have no idea where they could have learned to take such joy in inflicting electricity on their fellow humans.

Much less members of their own family.

"Dad, it's like there was force field around me this big!"

Then they got soaking wet in the sprinklers.

While Sophie played in the puddles...

... and drank from them.

Go to sleep...

Attempt 1... squeaks from the bench at the end of the hallway...

Attempt 2... giggles from the bathroom...

Finally in bed... even if he is roaring like a tyranosaurus...

Grrrrrrrrrr.. this is most definitely the downstairs couch, not his upstairs bedroom...

He'd be in far more trouble if he weren't so darn cute.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

He gets this from his Aunt Gina

He's like a combination of Elton John, Willy Wonka, and Scuba Steve.

And possibly a bit of Aunt Lindsay as well...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Noah got saved by Jesus tonight

Not like you think.  We are still hoping and praying for that day.

He stepped on a scorpion.

I got the following text this afternoon:  "Noah just stepped on a live scorpion and by the grace of God was NOT stung."

"PS.  I'm moving"

The scorpion was right in our front entryway, and Paige said she saw it right before he stepped on it and half threw him off of it.

I replied to her text with "So you can step right on them and they don't sting?  See, they really are harmless..."

Paige was not amused.  There was a swear word in her response.

Speaking of amusing, just prior to that I got another text.  Luke has learned from his older brothers to scream the worst things he can think of when he is angry.  And apparently it makes him very angry to be awoken from his nap.  The text was as follows...

"Every day when we get home and Luke is sleeping I am verbally assaulted by him when I wake him up.  Today it was 'I'm going to pee in your eye!'  For some reason I can't stop laughing about that one, and boy does that make the angry pee-er mad!"

I about spit my coffee all over my desk.

Also from earlier today...

"Luke just ate a bowl of white bean chicken chili.  'Mmmmmmm, I like tomatoes now because I just ate one and I liked it!'  A few minutes later... 'I don't think Levi and Noah will like this soup but I do.'  Ya think?"

Yeah, I think.  Some battles just aren't worth fighting, and trying to get Levi or Noah to eat soup with tomatoes (tomatoes!) in it would be one of those.  I can only imagine the things they would yell.

Let's just hope Jesus saves them all.  Soon.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


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Grab bag

Noah enjoying one of his favorite activities.  Kid loves to read, and is always stealing my book lights so he can read up in the top bunk at bedtime.

Luke taking his usual "pick the big kids up from school" nap.  Paige said he insisted on having some toilet paper tied around his neck, because all pirates have a "thing" around their neck.

Sophie enjoying one of her favorite activities... eating markers.

She also loves electronics, and will make virtually anything into a phone.  In this case, the VCR remote.  Also note the giant bruise on her forehead.  She got real up close and personal with the corner of the bedpost.  Poor kid.  Two days later and she still has a sizeable goose egg.

The same day Sophie met the bedpost, Luke fell off the climber in our playroom and gave himself a shiner.  So much for all the nice pictures of the kids that Paige had planned.

Levi enjoying one of his favorite activities.

And Luke enjoying one of his.  Nothing like the freedom of tinkling in the great out of doors.

Levi got to go on a date night with Paige, and I got this picture.  All I could think was that this is probably what I looked like on my first date with Paige.  The kid comes by the awkwardness honestly...