Monday, December 5, 2011

The rugrats ankle-biters lovely children

I somehow got roped into going to JC Penny on Black Friday to have pictures taken of all five kids.  At the same time.  Smiling.

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

We did manage to get a few taken, but those will remain a surprise for the semi-annual Christmas New Years Valentine's Day (if I am lucky) letter.

The Black Friday deal was a large discount on the CD and digital rights, and they slipped in a few extras from previous sessions.

So in no particular order, the munchkins...

(not sure why Sophie gets two pictures and every one else only gets one.  But she does.)

Santa in the park

Santa usually stops by the park at the end of our street each year.  This year, for whatever reason, our kids were really into writing out their Christmas lists for Santa.  So Saturday we walked over to deliver the lists.

If she were in Ethiopia, they probably would have had her dressed in about 3 more layers.

Luke would get near Santa, but wouldn't sit on his lap.


Sophie didn't have a choice, for the obligatory "kid screaming on Santa's lap" picture.


She recovered quickly though.


Levi and Noah had no interest in even talking to Santa, but they did stuff their letters into his mailbox.


They are convinced that since all three of them wrote Press Dough (as seen on TV!) on their lists, that Santa would just have to bring it to them. From what I gathered, "Santa" may have been suckered into it. Dang Qubo TV channel...

Friday night drags

My boss built himself an awesome hot rod.  It was a '30s Chevy.  Not that there is much left on it that is original.  A bunch of us from work spent Friday night at the drag strip watching him and others run.
The traffic director wouldn't get out of the way for a good photo.

We didn't see many cars that night that could beat his low 11 second and 120+ mph 1/4 mile passes.

I got to take a few rides down the strip as well, unfortunately not in the hot rod. Rode in a co-worker's Nissan Z, where she got blown away by this Nissan GT-R. We were doing 90+ mph at the end of the 1/4, and that GT-R took off like we were standing still.