Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who are you people?

I find the Sitemeter link on our blog fascinating. Not that many people read our blog, so most of the locations I have a pretty good guess who is checking. Lots of people around Phoenix/Gilbert/Tempe/Tucson/Grand Rapids, obviously. Salt Lake City (Utah), Red Deer (Alberta), Hull (Iowa), Flagstaff (Arizona) are all friends. And then there is the occasional person who stumbles across the blog searching for some unknown image in Google image searches. There seem to be semi-regular hits by Europeans looking for pictures of scorpions, for whatever reason. But some continue to baffle me. The Sitemeter link gives me all kinds of info... location, internet service, browser software, even monitor resolution... but it doesn't actually tell me who the monkey running the mouse is.

- Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Visits pretty regularly, every couple of days. No referring URL, so I am assuming they have the blog bookmarked. But I have no idea who this is.

- Lexington, Kentucky: They have visited twice I believe, several weeks apart, both times searching in Google for "Gina Addink." Apparently my sister has an e-stalker!

- Minneapolis, Minnesota: Again they visit probably once a week or so. And they always get here from the Anderson's blog. I'm guessing I somehow know them from high school, but who is it?

- Unknown location: Someone from AOL visits every so often as well, but no location shows up. I suppose this could be multiple people from AOL.

There are others as well. So who are you people? I know it's not like millions of people hit this blog every day... but I would at least like to know who the five people who do read it are.

So leave a comment on this post. If you stop by every day, once a week, or wandered by looking for a picture of a scorpion, drop us a note!


Anonymous said...

Jason-Well I am sure you figured us out, but actually we are in Rock Valley. Anyway, we do enjoy reading your blog. It is like you are right in the room telling the story.

Joel and Mel

Jessica said...

hi jason,
i just like to see what you and paige like to tell us!

Anyone in the Addink Family said...

Hi Jason and family.
It's Sharidee from Montana. We haven't seen you in ages. Good to catch up with you. Just remember if you ever get up here again, we still have the big house. We also love having visitors. Tell all hello from us.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I'am Jan Addink for The Netherlands.
I live in a litle town named Hummelo.
It is possible that we are familie.
A uncle of my father have lived in u.s.a., his name was Jo Addink and was married with Jessy.
Jo was born in Warnsveld on a farm named het rasink. I`am olso born on that farm.
I´am(49 years) married with Ans(also 49 years) and we have two daughter´s(13,16 year).
I´ve its trou that we are familie, i like to have the familie tree of the familie in the U.S.A.
Yours sincerely Jan Addink

Jason Addink said...

Hi Jan.
Thanks for the comment! I actually just got some software to build a family tree and research it. I will keep a lookout for any Addink branches leading to a Jan, Jo, or Jessy. It is very cool to hear from an Addink back in the Netherlands!

It looks like I can email you through your website, so I will send you whatever information I can find.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige and Jason,
I took my laptop and air card to see Grandma last week. We loved seeing all the new pictures and the MI road trip pictures set to the Cake song. You both do an awesome job at entertaining us both. I managed to keep Grandma awake and engaged in conversation for almost two hours with your website and three other of her Grand-children's websites until she finally looked at me and said 'okay I think I'm done now, I can't keep my eyes open any longer'. That was a successful day though!
By the way, I never saw your map locater thing on the website until today but I checked your website from Brisbane Australia back in May -one mystery solved for ya! :-)
Thanks for posting all the great blogs!
Parker, CO

The Kempiak Party of Five said...

Teach us how to do this!

Anonymous said...

Jason & Paige,

I went to high school with Paige, and found your site through the Meengs blog.

Jason Van Noord

Kattelman Family said...

Hi Jason,
I went to PCGS in Gina's class. I found your link off of Sara Botma's blog and was curious. My husband loved how you seeded your lawn. I wonder what your neighbors were thinking. LOL. Tell Gina I said hi.

Kathleen (Maxwell) Kattelman

Anonymous said...

Jason I have been reading your posts they are great Paige's also are the best. Dat is what da yooper says. Say ya to da UP. Eric

Lael said...

My camera just gave me the E18 error and I found your comment on some webpage and found my way to your blog. I just printed out your instructions and pictures and am giving it all over to my husband. He LOVES taking things apart and usually doesn't get permission to do so. It's going to blow his mind when I actually ask him to take apart the camera. I should take a picture of his face when I ask him! Oh, wait...camera's broken. Well, if he's successful the test photo will be of his proud face!
Lael in Columbus, OH

Sabrina Fischer - Run/Walk said...

I LOVE your blog! I read it after our adoption class, and then I just got on it to see if you had heard anything from immigration yet. Your blog has me laughing out loud!

By the way, congrats on your golden ticket!! That came fast!

-Sabrina Fischer
www.thefischerfamilyonline.com (not nearly as good as yours!)

blackrayne said...

paige were you form michigan? and hello to all of you!

blackrayne said...

...sorry i should of read more posts and realized that yes you are the paige i remember :)first off you guys have a beautiful family and are truely blessed :)
my name is rob bergman and a very long time ago i was friends with your sister lindsey. back in 2002 i had massive head injury and lost the ability to walk and talk for around a year. with this came 86% memory loss and really really bad short term memory ( my wife says its selective some times j/k)but the only thing that remains is the memories of friends and families that made an impact on my life. so in turn i just wanted to say thanks to you and your family. tell your sister congrats on the baby he looks beautiful, and thank you for making an impact on my life

--rob bergman

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Jason & Paige
You probably don't remember me but I was really good friends with Jodi in grade school and even had been to your Ahwatukee home when she was house sitting lol--I just found your blog from Jason Voss' blog and loved hearing about your family and Gina! Hope your mom is doing well!

Shelley said...

Found your blog through Bakker...went to college with him and Katie. And I was in Paige's class in high school. I love that you are adopting! I have a friend who is in the process of adopting a second child from Ethiopia. Blessings to you all!

Pam said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! Our prayers were answered and we will keep praying for Embassy to come soon. Take lots of pictures to show her when she is older and see you soon! Blessing! Pam and Randy