Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrating 2 Years With You In Our Lives!

Two years ago on April 26, we had Sophie in our arms forever.
Ella was instantly smitten.
Good Bye, Toukoul!
Sisters at last!
While we were still in Ethiopia, the crying began. (Or, you could look at it as she was always crying from the time we met.)
 Welcome home.  May 1, 2011
 And the next two years of our lives have been filled with the sweet sound of Sophie crying.
 About anything.
 And everything.
 And louder, still if her point was not made.
 Any reason.
 No matter what,
she was heard.

 There has also been much joy!
We love you so very much Sophie Joy Tufah!  We thank God for you every day and the amazing way He has woven you into our lives. We love you.  All of you.  Your sassy walk, your infectious giggle, your enthusiasm when someone returns even if gone for only a moment, your singing voice that is often heard when you think no one is listening, your glorious smiles, your outrageous dance moves, your amazing curls, and the joy that continues to rise up.